I am a Holy Spirit filled believer in Jesus. I am still inspired by Romans 15:13: MAY THE GOD OF HOPE FILL YOU WITH ALL JOY AND PEACE AS YOU TRUST IN HIM, SO THAT YOU MAY OVERFLOW WITH HOPE BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. . God has a plan and He will be faithful to carry it out. Hallelujah !!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.

The Bible has many calls to give thanks to God. You will be blessed if take a concordance and look them up and respond to them.

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my living quarters,and the many opportunities God brings my way. God has been so good to me all through my 97 years. I cannot thank Him enough.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What should we call Jesus?

Someone on Facebook asked a question and I thought I'd share the answer here:

'Brother Horton. I find myself speaking to Yahwehists who say Western Europeans have changed the name Yeshua and that Jesus isn't a name we should use. What say you?'

And here is my answer:

We must first note that Jesus is an Anglasized form of the Greek Iesous found in the New Testament manuscripts. It is obvious that the Apostle Paul, who knew Hebrew, as the apostle to the Gentiles used Iesous when he preached. Yeshua is a short form of Yahshua (Joshua). Yahweh is the Old Testament name for God. Jesus, as the Son of Go and as God incarnate, has a right to that name tool.

However,since the New Testament does use Iesoous, it lets us know we can use a name that is acceptable to any people in their own language.

Jesus has never rebuked anyone for using the wrong name. He is always ready to respond when we call on him using his name Jesus. Years ago my wife and my mother were with me as I was driving out the old route 66 to to preach in a country church. The night was very dark. Suddenly a pickup truck without lights pulled out of a side road right in front of us. we all shouted JESUS. Suddenly my car was in the other lane headed the other direction. Thank God something deep within in us made us cry out JESUS. We did not have time to think. I praise God that Jesus responded...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I was glad to sit with my daughter Faith and listen to Dr. Russ Spittler in the 10:00 chapel service at Evangel University. Today and tomorrow are the Seventh Presentation of the Dr. Stanley M. Horton Pentecostal Heritage Lectureship Series at Evangel. Dr. Spittler gave an excellent message on all the different ways the Holy Spirit shows up in our lives. Here are my thoughts: The Holy Spirit is in our lives from the time we first believe in Jesus and he comes in an empowering experience in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and he dwells within us so that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has not only filled me, he has prompted me and guided me in all the steps where God has led me in my life. He has encouraged my faith and helped me to be obedient to God's will and direction and to accept God's provision and guidance. He has helped me to be a blessing to many in my teaching, not only here in America but in the 24 countries of the world I've been invited to minister. When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I was encouraged to speak in tongues every day because the apostle Paul said that he spoke in tongues more than them all so it must have been daily prayer. There is not a record of his doing it in public meetings. Doing this has helped me to sense the presence of the Lord. God let me know that he had given me a gift for teaching his word. But he also let me know that the fruit of the Spirit was more important even than the gifts. This has made a difference in the relationships that I have had with my family and friends and students.