I am a Holy Spirit filled believer in Jesus. I am still inspired by Romans 15:13: MAY THE GOD OF HOPE FILL YOU WITH ALL JOY AND PEACE AS YOU TRUST IN HIM, SO THAT YOU MAY OVERFLOW WITH HOPE BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. . God has a plan and He will be faithful to carry it out. Hallelujah !!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Heavenly Home

I wish the King James Version hadn't mistranslated the Greek word 'monas' in John 14:2.

The KJV translated it 'mansions' and it should be 'rooms'.

The important thing is we will be in the same place and we will be in close in fellowship with the 
Father and Jesus and with each other.

We won't be thinking about one of us having a bigger mansion than someone else.

Instead we will have wonderful eternal fellowship.

God has an eternal plan for each of us and that will mean that He has something for each of us to do.

Our new bodies will be free from pain or sickness or decay and will be well suited for enjoying what God has prepared for us... and perhaps for enjoying the New Jerusalem and exploring the new heavens and the new earth.

When Paul was caught away to heaven he was not able to describe all that he experienced there.  It will be beyond anything we can imagine with our present limited frame of reference as human beings here on earth.

Even so come Lord Jesus.


  1. "The important thing is we will be in the same place and we will be in close in fellowship with the
    Father and Jesus and with each other." Amen! I enjoy reading your blog and I can say that I learn something new from each one - "rooms" instead of mansions. You are a blessing to many people. Thank you for sharing. God bless you, Collette

  2. Doctor Stanley, As always, the knowledge you share is inspirational & precious. Thank you for the insights on the correct translation of "rooms" rather than "mansions", which surprisingly to me, the NKJV also uses. Everett & I like the word the Valera Version in Spanish uses: "moradas" which means "dwellings" .Abundant blessings of continuing health, anointing & God's Presence. --Carolyn Ward.