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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Genesis writings - Adam and Eve tested, cont.

Adam and Eve tested, cont.

The serpent then denied God's warning by saying "You emphatically will not die because God is One who knows what will happen when you eat the fruit. They would be like God (Elohm). That knowing good and evil would bring them to a higher level that God did not want for them was another of Satan's lies. God knows about evil, but not from personal experience. He is holy and righteous and completely separate from all evil, from everything that is evil. He hates it. Actually Adam and Eve were in God's image and likeness. They were able to have fellowship with Him. But Satan tempted them to forget what they had and who they were enjoying and focus on exalting themselves. 

The woman did not not immediately respond. The Hebrew indicates she began to look and kept looking. As she contemplated the tree and its fruit, it looked good for food. The NT calls this the lust of the flesh--cravings for physical benefits and pleasure contrary to God's will. Next the fruit as pleasant to the eyes--the lust of the eyes seeing something as attractive without considering its destructiveness.

Then she saw it as to make to make one wise---the pride of life that exalts what one has and does (1 John 2:16.)

Finally, she made a willful choice, took the fruit, ate it, and gave some to her husband. He was with her, heard and observed what she heard and saw. He however was more accountable. He was not deceived or tricked into eating as the woman was. But he made a willful choice to disregard God's word and please his wife instead of God.( 1 Timothy 2:14). 

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  1. Dr. Horton thank you for this teaching on Genesis. I followed what you posted on FB. I appreciate that you have posted it fully here. You amaze me that is all I can say! God bless!